What’s so special about Krosno glass?

“There is probably no person in our country who would not know what Krosno is really famous for.  Glass from Krosno has been decorating our tables for years, characterized by attention to detail and delighting us with its unique design.  The Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno is the setting for this fascinating glass world.  This is where you can learn about the interesting history of glassworks, find out how glasses, beer mugs and glass ornaments are made, watch interactive glass decorating shows.

Krosno Glass has been synonymous with the highest quality since 1923.  We are one of the largest manufacturers of utility glass in Poland. Every day we enrich the lives of millions of people in various corners of the globe by creating unique products for various purposes: for alcoholic beverages, for serving food, as well as decorative and gift glassware.

Krosno and it’s glass

Krosno takes its users to a world where sophistication, beauty and quality are the most important values.  We are inspired by the lives of modern people, but we do not forget about history and tradition.  We get ideas from the diversity of places and people around us.  We value simplicity and minimalism, thanks to which our designs are a perfect complement to interiors of various character.  This is what makes every Krosno’s product so unique.

Legacy of glass

Almost 100 years of history of excellent craftsmanship, famous for its attention to detail, has made Krosno today an icon of Polish glass, appreciated both in Poland and abroad for its quality, beauty, sophistication, and crystal clarity.  This success is due to the work of many generations of artists and craftsmen who, with passion and commitment, created unique and lasting things.  Drawing on our tradition, we remain open to what is new.  As a result, each year our glass becomes more beautiful and even more diverse.

Our products

The Krosno Glass brand conceals a wide range of products distinguished by their functionality, craftsmanship, and timeless design.  Our international flagship is glass formed by traditional hand methods.  Auto-formed glass, which we offer in excellent quality and competitive prices, is also highly valued by our customers.  For business customers around the world, we create custom products, offering a full range of services: from design to final product.

Art and technology

Krosno’s glass is created by masters of their craft: artists, designers, cutters, and decorators.  It is thanks to them that each product combines unique design, craftsmanship and the latest technological achievements.  The method developed over the years allows us to achieve flawless colourlessness of the glass mass, and the reliability is supervised by the quality control team.

Krosno Glass Company

Our products are manufactured at the Krosno Glassworks in southeastern Poland.   The pride of the company is its impressive glassworks furnaces together with the infrastructure designed for melting and forming the most beautiful models of hand-made glass by artist-smelters

Krosno has been living with glass for over 90 years.  It is the largest and most famous of its producers in Poland and one of the best known internationally.  Glass products from Krosno are valued for their excellent quality and top-class design.  Award-winning small works of art created in Krosno are present in almost every Polish and in millions of homes around the world.”

Author: Hanna Lawera

Author: Hanna Lawera

Find out more about the world-famous glass heritage of Krosno and discover the magic of glass.

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