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“Multicolored realizations using decorative qualities of glass, are able to change any styling: from casual or everyday to evening.  Glass jewelry is an important part of our store’s assortment.  We sell it only in glamorous versions: pendants to be hanged on a chain or string are the king here.  Krosno glass, valued all over the world, is present in our shop not without reason.  As you can easily see, we focus on artistic forms.  So if you want to buy subtle glass ornaments, our glass jewellery will be a hit.  We offer a variety of jewellery products, paying great attention to their quality and finish.  And since Krosno glass can be most beautifully exposed by wearing it around the neck, it is pendants that dominate over other ornaments.  Have a look at available models and see if glass jewellery from Krosno will appeal to you.

Glass jewellery for every woman

 We realize that there is no one perfect solution for everyone and that is why, with the help of our designers, we have created a separate category, in which we have placed our most interesting proposals for jewellery made of glass.  Unique earrings made of Venetian glass drops and Swarovski crystal will appeal to every true lady who appreciates chic and elegance.  Unique jewellery in the colour of amber brings back holiday memories and original earrings with an oriental pattern will delight all female travellers.  Unusual jewelry with a bonsai tree motif created from stained glass, metal and pewter will make no one pass you by indifferently.  Unusual earrings made in fusing and wire wrapping technique with high quality glass and Bullseye rhytes will enliven every outfit. This unique piece of jewellery in a shade of juicy red will be a perfect addition to autumn outfits.

An amazing blue butterfly necklace or a black cat pendant will impress any fashion savvy teenager.  Those who prefer simplicity will appreciate the unique bracelet made of large beads with a broken glass effect.  Subtle pandora bracelet, consisting of beautiful, precisely crafted elements will be a perfect gift idea for a loved one.  Brooch decorated with iridescent glass beads will make you look truly original.  There is also something for all florists – a ring with a rose will enchant every flower lover.  Here you will also discover unusual pendants that will be a beautiful decoration for both everyday and special occasions.

Glass beads are the most obvious medium in the jewelry style discussed.  There are countless types, shapes and sizes of glass beads.  They can be created using most of the techniques described here.  However, this does not mean that “”ordinary beads”” do not hold potential.  They are the perfect material for those beginning their adventure with creating jewelry.  What is more, glass beads work well in a variety of techniques such as beading, or braid.  In addition, small beads are great for boho style, and crystal glass beads make extremely elegant accessories.  There are many possibilities, so it is worth not to cross out glass beads because of their apparent ordinariness.


Fusing is probably the oldest glassworking technique, if you want to learn more about it, read the post published earlier this month about it.  In short, fusing is the joining of separate glass tiles at a very high temperature.  This results in a uniform product in different colors and layers.  Most jewelry made with this technique has a simple, geometric design.  It gives fewer possibilities of shaping the glass mass, however the effects are spectacular.

Jewelry made with fusing technique is a great accessory for lovers of simplicity, geometry and minimalism.  Large necklaces make the perfect accessory for ladies with larger breasts, and post earrings stand out regardless of hair color.  Glass created by fusing is very durable, so even the most clumsy of us have a good chance of not breaking such jewelry.


 Crystal glass was made popular by two internationally renowned companies Swarovski and Lalique.  Both brands make jewelry with high quality glass, however their jewelry looks very different.  This shows the beautiful potential of crystal glass.  It is most often used to create luxurious, elegant jewelry, but this does not mean that necklaces or earrings with crystal glass are not suitable for everyday wear.  On the contrary!  Such extravagant but not flashy jewelry can give you confidence and make it easier to conquer each new day.  What’s more, it will be great for special occasions.  If crystal glass jewelry appeals to your taste, then think about investing in a quality product that you will enjoy for years to come.”

Author: Hanna Lawera

Author: Hanna Lawera

Find out more about the world-famous glass heritage of Krosno and discover the magic of glass.

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