The history of glass industry in Krosno is almost 100 years old!

The history of Krosno City of Glass began in 1923, when a glassworks was built and opened within the limits of the then city. The name was officially given to the town on June 2, 2012 with the opening of the Glass Heritage Centre there. The President of Krosno was given symbolic glass keys to the city gates and the act of locating Krosno – the Glass City was signed and engraved on the glass plate.

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The establishment of the Glass Heritage Centre is connected with the glassworks, present in the life of the city and the region for 100 years. In the course of time, on the basis of Krosno Glassworks and related glass school, which educated specialists, smaller and larger glassworks and glass workshops were established. They were private companies, cooperatives and partnerships. They came into being, operated and collapsed, and were replaced by others. Krosno became a glass basin. And it remains so to this day.

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The Krosno Glassworks itself was changing its name and expanding with new plants, located not only in Krosno, but also in Jasło and Tarnów. It has conquered global markets, exporting its products to over 60 countries on all continents.

GHC’s output includes over 100 exhibitions, many of which are international in scope. We show the highest quality glass, artistic works, historical glass and modern realizations.

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