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Unique glass objects made by traditional glassmaking method are an exclusive decoration, gift and souvenir. Such unitary products are created during manual production, in cooperation with two metallurgists. When making them, metallurgists use tools known for centuries, including the metallurgical pipes, used for over 2000 years! It’s still a basic tool. The semi-liquid glass mass extracted with the tibia at a temperature of about 1200 degrees Celsius is initially blown with the tibia and then further processed and coloured with powders and granules.

The most valuable, because absolutely unique, are slowly formed products, i.e. products which the artist-metallurgist forms from beginning to end by hand, shaping the plastic, hot glass mass and using only simple tools: pliers, shapers, scissors. This method of production requires not only technical craftsmanship, but also great artistic talent and spatial imagination. Free-form glass is the domain of the best metallurgists! Free-form glasses are single pieces only – it is impossible to make 2 identical glasses with this method. Free-form glass is the elite in the glass world, an ornament that is unique in every way.

Another method of manual production is glassware made with molds. Here the technique is the same up to a certain point: the glassmaker takes a portion of the glass on a tibia, blows it, colours it and places it in or before the mould. Such products ultimately obtain the same (mold) or a similar (pre-mold) shape. But that’s where their similarity ends. The hand-shaped details – the ears, the spouts, the rims, the colouring with granules and powders – make the glassware made using this manual method different from each other. So you can buy one piece and enjoy its uniqueness, or you can buy 2 or 3 and create a sophisticated set. No matter the quantity – choosing a glass item like this is a great choice!

The Glass Heritage Centre exclusively offers hand-formed glassware created in a small, intimate glassworks that employs a wonderful team of glassmakers. These are high class, unique and beautiful products.

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Engraving on glass is a very difficult decorating technique. It requires precision, a sure hand, artistry. The smooth surface of the glass produces true-to-life relief images rich in detail, full of chiaroscuro refraction and depth. Names, any text, views, coats of arms and even portraits can be engraved. The engraver is limited only by the scale of skills and time (elaborate scenes require a lot of work and thus time) . These, full of lace details, always hand-made, unique decorations make the glass products decorated with this technique that we offer – goblets, vases, platters, etc. – become works of art without ceasing to be functional. You can’t confuse them with others, they are memorable, subtle yet expressive. Engraved glasses are the elite among glass objects, evidence of the unique sense of taste of their owner.


Glass ornaments and utility glasses created by fusing are products of distinctive character. They were designed and made by the workshop’s employee – an artist, a specialist in this method of glass processing. These are not unique, but products made in short series. Does that mean they are the same? No. Manual work precludes all objects being identical in one series. So what does the fusing method look like? It is a sintering (in a special furnace) of glass sheets cut in the desired shapes of float glass, previously covered with powdered dye. The resulting items are very decorative and durable at the same time. They are perfect for decorating interiors, but they can also successfully serve a utilitarian function. They will add splendor and uniqueness to any environment, and fruit, cakes or other sweets displayed on them will look even more appetizing. Fused glass is a complement to original interiors and glass for people with a sublime sense of harmony.


The products of the juggler’s workshop are vessels of an artistic and utilitarian character. The ornate cut glasses, platters, bowls, decanters and jugs are valued above all for the original charm they exude around them. The drinks and dishes served in them take on a shine and the table setting with them introduces an atmosphere of uniqueness, splendour and class. The proposed designs are an offer for both those who appreciate tradition and those who are looking for modern solutions. Each of the patterns is a detailed, original design made by hand with great care. What better way to highlight the contents of a glass or glass? To emphasize the importance of the ceremony more clearly? The ground sets also make a great out-of-the-ordinary gift.

Glass miniatures

Smaller and larger glass miniatures are delightful trinkets that add warmth to interior arrangements. They are created in a spectacular process of heating and forming colored glass rods. The open fire, the hum of gas and compressed air, the masterful hands of the artist forming individual parts of the miniature in the fire – this is the atmosphere of the creation of these trinkets. It’s precise work that requires talent and experience. With the help of a burner, from a special type of glass, the master can conjure up any form – he is limited only by his imagination and creative imagination. Sometimes it is the imagination or dream of the ordering party.

As every hand-made thing – glass miniatures have the value of uniqueness – they are unique in details. They also bear the unmistakable hallmarks of their creator’s style. The ones offered in our shop you will recognize immediately – they are simply perfect.

Miniatures, including the larger ones, are glass gems. They successfully decorate all furniture and interiors maintained in any style. They will bring life and an original touch to it. They will also be a nice souvenir and an original, casual gift. These are universal glasses – they will enchant everyone and at any age.

Painting workshop

The painting workshop is a place where glass objects obtain one-of-a-kind, painted decorations becoming excellent complements of interiors into which they can breathe their soul. All stages of decoration, done by hand by decorator-artists, make a unique object. Creative passion, excellent workshop, proficiency in the artistic craft of decorators make us look at the unique work every time. The beauty of decorations applied with ceramic, acrylic or stained glass paints enchants with a different expression, colour and detail each time.

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