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Glass Statues. Elegant glass trophies that will work at any celebration

Some celebrations, events or anniversaries require a special setting to which cups or medals will not fit. Glass statuettes – elegant, transparent and in various shapes – come with an aid here. Glass statuettes from our offer are perfect as individual awards, distinctions or commemorative gifts. Their universal use, possibility of unlimited personalization and beautiful shapes make them the most beautiful awards in our offer. Glass statuettes are most often chosen for, anniversaries, jubilees and birthdays, a wedding gift, baptismal souvenir or a holy communion souvenir, business awards for the best in their industry, special events and congratulations.

Made of the highest quality glass

We know very well that glass trophies must be perfectly crafted. Even the smallest blemish will be visible and virtually impossible to hide. Therefore, we produce all our glass statuettes in our factory in Krosno, Poland. A perfectly refined handmade process, the highest quality components used in glass production and experienced artists make our products perfectly crafted. We constantly control the quality of our products and even the smallest imperfection on a glass statuette completely eliminates it from further processing. Glass statuettes produced by us are combined with a glass base – transparent or black, marble or plastic base. Some of them, due to their thickness of up to 6 cm, do not need any additional support. They can safely stand on the properly shaped bottom edge.

The glass statuette is durable enough to undergo personalization processes. Making a statuette with engraving is a durable solution for years to come. The engraved object can be additionally filled with colour paint available from our colour palette. This will make the glass statuette more interesting and the engraving will be more visible.

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