Discover the magic of creating glass and admire the beauty of glass matter.

The Glass Heritage Center in Krosno is a modern, interactive facility presenting the achievements of glass manufacturing. Our offer includes metallurgical demonstrations, tours and rental of conference rooms. Find out more about the world famous glass heritage of Krosno and discover the magic of glass.

GHC Krosno
Brilliance in Glass

Modern and spectacular tourist facility

Thanks to the achievements of modern museum science and modern techniques, the Glass Heritage Centre not only tells the history of Krosno glass known all over the world for decades, but also creates it. 

Glass making show

Live glass blowing

Cultural events

Artworks for all ages

A great advantage of the Centre is that even the permanent exhibitions do not have a traditional museum character. The exhibits are changed frequently, plus some of the works on display can be purchased by tourists, giving it a gallery-like feel. In this way, routine is avoided and the exhibitions are alive all the time.

Once in a lifetime experience

The most important attractions of the Centre are interactive shows of glass production and decoration, in which tourists can actively participate.

Art has never been so authentic before

In the cellars and in the temporary exhibition hall one can see the exhibitions presenting both artistic and applied glass.

A new revolution of Entertain

Visitors can also look forward to creative art education classes, a wide range of cultural and entertainment events and a shop with handmade souvenirs.

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