Browse our selection of Murano style glass vases – these hand blown and hand crafted vases represent over 100 years of glass making tradition in Krosno, Poland. Our range includes vases for every taste and budget, with a wide range of colours and designs. The unique colour combinations and surface structures of our Murano glass vases harmonise perfectly with modern and unusual interiors. Extravagant colors and shapes give these pieces life and express the passion of the artists. The glass vase presents itself in a sleek and timeless chic that suits any style of home furnishings. These impressive examples of fine art date back 100 years to the Krosno glassmaking tradition and are 100% handmade works of art from Poland. The glass artwork is certified. Authentically hand-blown Murano style glass will arrive safely at your home with a certificate of authenticity.

The beauty of glass from Krosno

A unique GHC collection. The beauty of the elements closed in a dynamic form and play of colors. Each shot is a different, new perspective. Like a living landscape. Polish design tradition encapsulated in tinted glass.

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