Glass Jewelry

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Venetian glass jewellery is a material valued by jewellers and ideal for those looking for original ornaments. We are a gallery of modern crafts and wearable pieces of art. Glass jewelry: unique, personalized and handmade items made from murano style glass. Multicolored realizations, striking reveals and glass pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets and many sets of glass jewelry. Each product is handmade by our artists and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Looking for venetian glass necklace? How about a collection of murano glass jewelry? In our shop we offer the largest selection of glass products.

The beauty of glass from Krosno

A unique GHC collection. The beauty of the elements closed in a dynamic form and play of colors. Each shot is a different, new perspective. Like a living landscape. Polish design tradition encapsulated in tinted glass.

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