Figures & Sculptures

Marvel at our diverse collection of glass artworks from Krosno. Our pieces of glass art can be customized in size and shape. With us you will find figures such as glass animals, sculptures, statues and much more. Our works of art are created by some of the best glass artists in the country like Vito Murano or Hector Werios. Glass from Krosno has been known around the world for over 100 years. With each product you receive a certificate of authenticity from the GHC Glass Heritage Center. When you buy from our site you get 100% assurance that the works are original and guaranteed to be of the highest value. We also offer the ability to engrave sculptures, statues, figurines and all other glass artworks. It is also possible to pack the product as a gift. During production, we also use the chalcedony glass and famous Murano Glass Techniques.

The beauty of glass from Krosno

A unique GHC collection. The beauty of the elements closed in a dynamic form and play of colors. Each shot is a different, new perspective. Like a living landscape. Polish design tradition encapsulated in tinted glass.

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