Christmas Decorations

See our Murano Glass Style Christmas Ornaments and Decorations. Browse in our Christmas tree glass ornaments and Christmas figurines such as balls and baubles, angels, snowmen, candy, bells, pine cones, and other traditional winter holiday designs. Get the perfect Christmas decoration for you and your loved ones. Glass from Krosno has been a tradition for over 100 years. Our products are always handmade and we include a certificate of authenticity with each one. When you buy from our site, you can be sure that your glass artwork is of the highest quality. Buy original works by the most famous glass artists such as Vito Murano.

The beauty of glass from Krosno

A unique GHC collection. The beauty of the elements closed in a dynamic form and play of colors. Each shot is a different, new perspective. Like a living landscape. Polish design tradition encapsulated in tinted glass.

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